VFW BLASTS Obama After Denigration of Group Members

The VFW does not take any gruff from the Commander in Chief, and is quick to come to the defense of its members. The President should have never intimated that VHF members were under the control of talk radio. Now, you know that talk radio is a burr under Obama’s saddle. He needs to be more careful when he denigrates veterans who have proudly served their nation. Read the story here.


As Written By Dave Boyer for The Washington Times:

In attacking Donald Trump, President Obama has managed to anger one of the nation’s largest and oldest veterans’ groups.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars took offense at Mr. Obama’s assertion that its members are confused by right-wing media pundits.

“I don’t know how many VFW posts the president has ever visited,” VFW National Commander John A. Biedrzycki Jr. said Thursday, “but our near 1.7 million members are a direct reflection of America, which means we represent every generation, race, religion, gender and political and ideological viewpoint.”

He added, “We don’t have confused politics, we don’t need left- or right-wing media filters telling us how to think or vote, and we don’t need …….

Full Story Here:

VFW blasts Obama over comments that members are confused by right-wing media – Washington Times

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