VIDEO: James O’Keefe “We did attempt to confront Mr. Sharpton”

via NewsmaxTV

James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas and the man who took out ACORN joins Steve to discusses his latest sting video that calls into question the motives of activist and MSNBC anchor Al Sharpton.


“A remarkable thing happened hours after we released it Steve. First it made the front page of the New York Post. It made every single TV station in New York. Which, I’ve been doing this undercover work for six or seven years and that has never happened before…

I don’t want people to think I’m going to give up. It’s just that occasionally I do get scared for reasons I don’t want to get into… We’ve taken steps. We’ve gotten a firm to handle some issues. We received some threats but we’re managing the situation. We have a firm that handles both our IT security and our physical security. We’re growing up and making sure nothing stops us…

We did attempt to confront Mr. Sharpton. I actually saw him and he saw me and there’s a video of his reaction and some things that we’re producing as we speak. We’re trying to get more material…

I tweeted Obama. I said, “Your Move” Obama.”  ~ via The Gateway Pundit


James OKeefe

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