(VIDEO) Westboro Church protesters RUN OUT OF TOWN by Moore Oklahoma citizens

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church on Sunday staged a protest at Central Junior High School in Moore, Okla., KFOR-TV reported.

The anti-gay group notorious for protesting military funerals wrote on its website that it would protest Moore because the massive tornado that devastated the town last year was “God’s wrath” against “phony ‘Christians.'”

The residents of Moore lined up across the street from the Westboro picketers in a counter-protest.

Westboro had a permit to hold a 30-minute protest, but the counter-protesters chased members of the Westboro Baptist Church away a few minutes past their limit, according to KFOR.

The Huffington Post posted a video uploaded by counter-protester that shows the Westboro picketers leaving after a few town residents started crossing the street:

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