WHAT? Voter Fraud Case (with evidence) Being Tossed in Palm Beach and You Won’t Believe Why!!

In other news, Palm Beach County and Florida State Attorney’s office admit that there was voter fraud once again this Democrat controlled area. Just like when former Congressman Allen West was running for re-election. The most bizarre part of this report would be that although a crime was committed, no suspect has been identified. After you read this you may wonder just how hard were they looking. Take a chill pill before reading.

As Written By Lawrence Mower seen first and exclusively on the Palm Beach Post.

The case is being dropped after detectives examining absentee ballot allegations in county races can’t single out a suspect.

Detectives with the State Attorney’s Office found clear-cut evidence of voter fraud in last year’s August election, with nearly two dozen people’s signatures forged on requests for absentee ballots.

But prosecutors are dropping the case.

Why? They can’t find a suspect.

In a bizarre 24-page memo, detectives described their efforts to get to the bottom of allegations of voter fraud in the primary election. State Sen. Bobby Powell, Palm Beach County Commissioner Mack Bernard and state Rep. Al Jacquet, a tight-knit trio of rising stars in the Democratic Party, won their races by generating extraordinary turnout in absentee ballots, and their opponents and voters cried foul.

Detectives talked to 22 voters — 17 of whom were in all three candidates’ districts — who claimed their signatures were forged on request forms. Even a State Attorney’s Office employee and her three family members were victims.

But while as many as 14 Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office detectives were assigned to the case, the memo shows that when it came to finding a suspect, the investigation quickly……..


Voter fraud: State attorney finds crimes, but no suspect

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