Was Clinton aide Jennifer Palmieri’s Gmail hack a ‘government-backed’ attack? 

Jennifer Palmieri was the Clinton campaign communications manager for her presidential run. In an interesting twist, Ms. Palmieri posted a Gmail warning that she received. You can see it in the photo in the article. It is a warning of a government-backed hacking. What government? Is this for real? Is Gmail that sophisticated? What is really going on here?

As Written By ANNA GIARITELLI for the Washington Examiner:

Hillary Clinton‘s former campaign communications director claimed on Monday that her Google email account has been hacked on multiple occasions.

Jennifer Palmieri tweeted a picture showing a message that states “Warning: Google may have detected government-backed attackers trying…” but the rest of the statement is cut out from the image.

The former White House communications director then added, “Seriously, comrades. My gmail is not that interesting. Last happened on Dec 16. Before that, late October.”


Was Clinton aide’s Gmail hack a ‘government-backed’ attack? | Washington Examiner

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