Was Comey Tricked Into Ending the Clinton Investigation?

The former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, James Comey, was so interested in playing the political game of job protection that he would be in a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. The fake intelligence played a critical role in the wrong decision making of whether or not to investigate Hillary Clinton’s email. It is a cover-up gone bad for Comey.

As Written By Will Racke for the Daily Caller:

The FBI received a purported Russian intelligence report that may have convinced former FBI Director James Comey to prematurely shut down an investigation into whether Hillary Clinton intentionally revealed classified information through her use of a private email server.

According to the FBI’s own assessment, however, the document was bad intelligence and may have been sent to the FBI to delibarately confuse the Bureau.

The report, given to the FBI by a source March 2016, detailed a supposed email in which then-Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch assured a Clinton campaign aide that investigators wouldn’t look too deeply into the matter, the Washington Post reported Wednesday.

The Russian document was one of the primary factors influencing Comey’s decision to announce, without approval from Justice Department leadership, that the email investigation was over July 5. If the alleged exchange had become public, it would have cast doubt on the outcome of the investigation, according to FBI officials familiar with the document………


Did Fake Document Inspire Comey Decision? | The Daily Caller

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