Was the Trump Immigration Agenda Gutted?

The Democrats are running around spiking the football over what they have done to President Trump’s immigration agenda. The just passed and signed Omnibus Bill seems to have driven a nail into the President’s prime campaign promise. Rush Limbaugh is highly disappointed that the President signed the bill. That is because Rush had predicted that there would be a veto for sure. Here are The Rushbo’s thoughts on what happened.

As Written and Reported Mark Swanson and Todd Beamon for Newsmax:

Rush Limbaugh reacted in real time to President Donald Trump’s announcement that he OK’d the $1.3 trillion funding bill by twice interjecting —”and stabbing me in the back.”

Limbaugh carried the president’s announcement live while making comments over it.

Limbaugh’s assertion that Trump’s action was “stabbing” him in the back appeared to be a reference to his assertion Thursday that Trump would not sign any omnibus package that didn’t include funding for the wall.

Limbaugh immediately started taking calls from listeners, and gave his first reaction to the spending bill.

“The Donald Trump agenda just got gutted,” Limbaugh said. “The Donald Trump immigration agenda just got gutted. … I don’t understand how Trump had to give up the rest of his agenda to get (defense spending).”

Earlier Friday, Limbaugh had reiterated that Trump wouldn’t sign the spending bill.

“I do not know how the president can sign this budget. Wait ’til you hear — and you may have heard some of it. But wait ’til you hear what’s in this budget. When you hear what’s in this budget, it will become crystal clear what the purpose of this budget is. Think of this budget as a branch office of the Mueller investigation trying to throw Trump out of office,” Limbaugh said prior to the president’s announcement…..


Rush Limbaugh: ‘Trump Immigration Agenda Just Got Gutted’ | Newsmax.com


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