Washington D.C. Transit Authority BLOCKS Anti-Islam Ads: Geller Responds!

UPDATE: On Thursday afternoon, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority suspended “all issue-oriented” ads on the D.C. Metro system through the end of 2015.


Here is AFDI founder Pamela Geller’s response:

“WMATA has submitted to the assassin’s veto,” Geller says to The Post’s Comic Riffs.

“Following the cowardly policy change for the New York MTA, the Washington MTA has suspended all issue-oriented ads through the end of year after we submitted our free speech ad. Oh, the irony. This is an end run around the First Amendment. 

“These cowards may claim that they are making people safer, but I submit to you the opposite. They are making it far more dangerous for Americans everywhere. Rewarding terror with submission is defeat. Absolute and complete defeat. More demands, more violence will certainly follow. The message is that terror works.  

“This is sharia in America.”

Here is the original post:

Muhammad on the Metro? AFDI’s Pamela Geller on her plan for cartoon WMATA ads. – The Washington Post


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