Washington Post Columnist Doubles Down On Extolling The “Virtues of Socialism”

This WaPo columnist, Elizabeth Bruenig doubles down on her recent article that was written in praise of socialism. She was taken apart pretty harshly for her earlier writing. Now that she has come out in defense of her previous article, the treatment she now receives is brutal. All the fallacies of her position are exposed to the light of day. Her arguments are precisely dissected and this becomes an amazing read. Do yourself a favor and read this.

As Written and Reported By Jazz Shaw for Hot Air:

When WaPo opinion columnist Elizabeth Bruenig decided to pen an article extolling the virtues of socialism last week it resulted in what should have been some entirely predictable backlash. This ranged from a polite rebuttal from our own Ed Morrissey to a somewhat more acerbic lecture from Ben Shapiro.

Personally, I found Bruenig’s op-ed to be somewhat refreshing, mostly because the majority of liberals (outside of the Berniecrats) usually make a point of at least pretending to shy away from endorsements of outright socialism, all the while pushing for policies which embody that philosophy in all but name. Still, the debate was a healthy one and it seemed as if we could put the socialism monster back into the closet for a while.

So much for that idea. Apparently dissatisfied with the response she received, Bruenig is back again this week with a defense of her defense (so to speak), claiming that everyone was intentionally misunderstanding her noble intentions and arguing in bad faith. After wasting time pretending that her readers have no clue as to what the phrase “in bad faith” means, the author is quick to point out that she never intended to suggest that the United States go the full Karl Marx route or attempt to duplicate the wonderful results being seen in Venezuela today. (Perish the thought.) She instead implies that she was suggesting something more along the lines of Sweden or Denmark, ……..


WaPo columnist doubles down on socialism


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