Washington Post Delivers More Fake News On President Trump

The Washington Post has not been anything but negative in its coverage of President Donald Trump. In this article, Fred Fleitz of FOX News analyzes their coverage of the President’s intelligence briefings. According to them, the President cannot be brief on Russian collusion because he might get upset. Really? Here is what was reported.

As Written By Fred Fleitz for Fox News:

A long front-page story in the Washington Post Friday that claims America’s security is at risk because President Trump refuses to accept findings of U.S. intelligence agencies that Russia interfered in our 2016 presidential election is deeply flawed and amounts to fake news.

I reach this conclusion based on my 25 years working in and with the U.S. intelligence community. It is clear to me that the Post story is designed to advance the left’s teetering Trump-Russia collusion narrative.

And I reach the same conclusion on a related allegation by the Washington Post in the same story that President Trump’s intelligence briefings are playing down or omitting intelligence on Russia’s role in the presidential election. This issue has liberal journalists and former intelligence officials claiming that intelligence is being politicized to avoid offending the president.

The Post article’s authors – Greg Miller, Greg Jaffe and Philip Rucker – say that a Jan. 6 Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA) said it was an “objective reality” that Russia meddled our election to help Donald Trump win. The Post article  repeatedly asserts that President Trump’s refusal to accept this assessment means he is refusing to recognize the threat to U.S. national security posed by Russia.

The truth is that the January ICA is far from objective truth and had serious problems. I broke the story on Fox News.com last January that this assessment appeared to be rigged to produce a conclusion to hurt President Trump politically.


Because intelligence community procedures on drafting …….


Washington Post attack on Trump about Russia briefings is deeply flawed fake news | Fox News

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