Watch Democrats Shouting Down Democrats at NN17 [Video]

Democrats shouting down … other Democrats? It certainly points out that the party of identity politics wants nothing to do with inclusion. In this video, you will see a candidate for their party’s nomination to run for Governor of Georgia. Stacy Evans did not get to deliver her speech as the crowd around the podium made sure she was not heard. You can see and hear it in the video. What was Stacy’s transgression? It does not get any more black and white than this.

As Written By Jazz Shaw for Hot Air:

As usual, Netroots Nation 2017 is serving up all sorts of goodies, most of which are being missed in the mainstream media because of the flurry of other news. One of the incidents this week deserves at least a brief look however, since it speaks volumes about the current state of the Democratic Party and the schism currently taking place there. One of the scheduled speakers at the event was Stacey Evans, a member of the Georgia House of Representatives and a candidate in the Democratic primary race for Governor of that state. It’s important to say that Ms. Evans was a scheduled speaker, because she didn’t get the chance to do very much actual speaking.

No sooner did she take the stage than a group of protesters surrounded the platform, holding up signs and chanting to drown her out and shut down her appearance. What were they upset about? Does she favor some pro-gun or pro-life policies? Was she seen wearing a Make America Great Again hat or something? Nope. The answer, which becomes clear in this Atlanta Journal-Constitution article, was a bit less subtle than that.

Democrat Stacey Evans’ speech to a conference of progressive activists descended into chaos on Saturday, as protesters interrupted her repeatedly and she struggled to make herself heard over chants of ……..


Video: Democrats shouting down the “wrong sort” of Democrats at NN17 – Hot Air Hot Air

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