WATCH: FEDS RAID Pay To Stay School that collected millions in fraudulent scheme

‘Pay-To-Stay’ Schools Raided By Feds

The people who ran these school are being charged with giving hundreds of foreign nationals student visas, even though they never attended classes. Randy Paige reports.



Los Angeles (CNN)Three area residents were arrested and charged Wednesday for allegedly operating four Southern California schools for Korean and Chinese students who never attended classes and lived in other states on student visas in a “pay-to-stay” scheme.

The three educators collected as much as $6 million in annual tuition from an enrollment of about 1,500 foreign students who were largely from South Korea and China, said federal prosecutors.

The arrests came after a federal grand jury indicted the three defendants Tuesday on charges of conspiracy to commit immigration fraud, money laundering and other immigration offenses.

An allegation in the indictment would also require the defendants to forfeit property and proceeds derived from the fraudulent scheme, authorities said.


Fake School

FEDS RAID this “Pay To Stay” School that collected millions in fraudulent scheme

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