WATCH: Ferguson business owners PLEAD for end to unrest!

ENOUGH! Ferguson business owners PLEAD for end to unrest!

“We are here, really hurting today,” said Steve Moore. “I don’t know how long the business can survive, to be honest.”

The owner of Marley’s, Martin Braun, feels the same way about his business, which is located just down the street from the Ferguson Police Department.

“I’m definitely worried about it. I’m worried about all the businesses down here,” said Braun.

And, business owners say the protest agitators are a major reason why, as arrests in front of the police department have now become a common occurrence.

“It’s just the normal, sitting in the street blocking traffic, it’s hurting everybody,” said Braun.

So, the business owners gathered to address the issues, not to call for an end to the protests, but to call for a change in how protesters are sending their message.

“I feel their purpose, I’m a part of their purpose,” said Moore.

But, he added breaking laws is not the way to call for change.

“You say you’re here to march and support us. But some of you are really hurting us,” said Moore.

“People want jobs? If you close the businesses, where are the jobs?” said Braun.

And, businesses owners say they will have to close if blocked streets, and violence, and the constant negative media coverage continues.  (FULL STORY HERE)




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