Watch MSNBC’s Hopes Get CRUSHED By Lawyer Live on the Air

It seems MSNBC is trying to “pull a CNN” lately with all these hopes and dreams of having professionals denounce President Donald Trump and yet they persist, don’t they?

This time the team of Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle had Richard Briffault, a Columbia law professor, on their program and much to their dismay he informed them that it’s unlikely the Trump administration has committed any crimes whatsoever at this point in this term. DUH!

In fact, the professor pointed out best/worst case (depending on the side you’re on) is Donald Trump JR’s contact with a Russia attorney and even that now is being heavily questioned all over.

This seems strange and surreal in a sense… why do you think they’re pushing this “illegal” stuff so hard on the President? And even an actual impeachment filing… the man’s done NOTHING WRONG! This doesn’t help their cases and their case in the least. What they’re doing is causing a larger and larger rift in our Society. And I know what you’re thinking “well yes that’s what they do!” but… something’s different about this one.

They’re probably hoping that happens and one of the media outlets can essentially say that they called it all along. But thus far President Donald Trump has held our country and his presidency high and with the utmost respect.

As written for The Daily Caller by Amber Athey:

A Columbia law professor dashed the hopes of MSNBC’s Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle by informing them it is unlikely the Trump administration has committed any crimes at this point.

Velshi and Ruhle looked like little kids on Christmas as they started asking Richard Briffault whether any members of the Trump campaign or administration had committed treason, perjury, false statements or collusion.

One by one, Briffault popped their balloons.

“I’m not up to treason yet,” he said, before shooting down claims of perjury by explaining that no false statements so far have been made under oath.


Lawyer Dashes MSNBC’s Hopes Of A Trump Admin Crime [VIDEO]

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