WATCH: Sista Solove delivers the academic Marxist message #CharlestonShooting

by LEE STRANAHAN for Brietbart News

CHARLESTON, South Carolina — During an interview Breitbart News conducted with people gathered outside the Mother Emmanuel American Methodist Church in Charleston, where Wednesday’s deadly shooting left nine black churchgoers dead, a woman called for a “race war” and discussed black anger.


The conversation is a snapshot of race relations in the Obama era, which has seen racial tension reach a boiling point unseen in America for decades.

Breitbart Texas editor Brandon Darby drew a heated reaction by asking, “What do you think the chances are that the guy who did this horrible thing was mentally ill?”

Sista Solove, offscreen, immediately responds, “Hell, no… Are all crackers mentally ill?”

Darby responds “What are you saying, ‘crackers?’”

As the man with the sign attempts to answer Darby’s question, Sista Solove again jumps in and tells Darby, “Cracka. You’re a cracka. Crackas. We niggas, y’all crackas, it’s what it is.”

The conversation took place five feet from what President Obama called “sacred space” in a speech on Wednesday.


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