We Are Witnessing a Phenomenon that has the Potential to be a very American Coup

The very thought of an American Coup is anathema to everything patriotic Americans believe in. The term “coup” makes one think of third world nations where the military uses the power of the armed forces to seize control of the government. Something much more subtle is going on between the Washington, DC power elite and the mainstream media. Ever since the media nailed President Richard Nixon and lead him to resign (he should have), the media has been trying to bag another Republican President. Here is how they are trying to bag President Trump.

As Written by David Krayden for the Daily Caller:

There’s a mini-series that deals with the hypothetical overthrow of the British government by unnamed but nefarious forces. It’s called “A Very British Coup” and presents the scenario that any illegal displacement of the electected parliament would not require massive civil unrest or military executions of the prime minister and cabinet ministers.

That would be too nasty, too untamed, too foreign to the expectations and sensibilities of a mature democratic nation. Instead, the enemies of elected government would subtly position themselves into power through coercion, blackmail and extortion.

I believe we are witnessing a phenomenon that has the potential to be a very American coup, one engineered perhaps with perfect collusion by the liberal mainstream media and the Democratic “resistance.” But it is the media’s participation in this sordid exercise that is most disturbing as media talking heads have convinced themselves that they have both the right and the obligation to take down Donald Trump as president of the United States.

This potential coup took on an eerie transparency when California Congresswoman Jackie Speier suggested last week that the 25th amendment be used to depose Trump due to his alleged mental incapacity. Nothing clandestine about this …….


A Very American Coup | The Daily Caller

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