We only have a 3-month window with North Korea?

The Central Intelligence Agency has told President Donald Trump that within a 3-month window, North Korea could be fully capable of a nuclear strike against the United States. This information comes from former Ambassador John Bolton who was speaking to the British House of Commons.

It is not clear if this information is leaked or common knowledge. what this does do is shine a light on what could be an impending crisis. What is the President to do if this is a true statement of capabilities?

As Written By Greg Price for Newsweek:

The Central Intelligence Agency has told President Donald Trump that North Korea could have the ability to strike major U.S. cities, even with nuclear weapons, within the next three months, a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations told British officials last week, according to The Guardian.

John Bolton, who served under former President George W. Bush, reportedly told officials at the House of Commons that CIA “chiefs” claimed there was a “three-month window” to act before Kim Jong Un’s regime gained the capability to attack U.S. cities.

Though Bolton is not an official within Trump’s administration, the apparent warning suggests North Korea’s threats of war and “fire” could be fully realized as early as March 2018.

The Guardian also reported that a senior U.S. commander recently said the same thing to a former European parliamentarian at the Demilitarized Zone on the Korean Peninsula, the area that divides North and South Korea.

Bolton’s warnings to the United Kingdom mirrored his statements on Fox News last week. He suggested a military option may need to be “seriously” considered, and challenged the effectiveness of sanctions in hindering the North from expanding its nuclear strike …….


CIA Told Trump North Korea Can Hit Washington With Nuclear Weapons in Three Months, Report Says

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