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America has lost her way. The “quick fix”, gotta have it now, instant gratification nation is floundering.

Why and how you ask? Here is just one reason of many.

We have forgotten that while pointing our fingers left and right, we are no longer taking the time to research and get to the bottom of the true story.

Andrew Breitbart’s birthday was a reminder while sitting here today, that he was a man of courage and inspiration. The thing about Andrew is he never took on any opponent unprepared. Andrew did the research. He did not accept someone’s word for it, he looked for the deeper story and either debunked it or he ran with it full force.

A Citation or link: It is normally provided within an article showing where it came from or where to find out more information.

What have we become?

We pass around “soundbites” as the whole story, never taking the time to focus on reading anymore because  we have to be the first one to get it passed around all over the world wide web. The “gotcha-nation” is more interested in having that “one up” than to verify the entire story.

When was the last time you followed the links provided in an article, or better yet, looked for a citation and followed that to another source? Andrew Breitbart demanded it from all of us, both the left and the right. These days we don’t even go to the article, it’s all about that blasted headline or teaser we see on the social networks.

NOTE TO SOCIALLY ACTIVE AMERICA: There is way more to a story than what you are told on the evening or morning news, or a 140 character tweet, or a thumbnail with a teaser.

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