We the Kids Interview with Lieutenant Colonel Allen West by WTK Teen

Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West on The Constitution

“We don’t retreat, we don’t surrender and we make a stand based upon principle.

Lt. Colonel West:  Well, the bottom line is that as a soldier I took an oath to the Constitution, to support and defend it against all enemies foreign and domestic and to bare truth, faith and allegiance to the same.  And so for me, you know, I’ve always  kind of been a guardian of this Constitutional Republic.  I took an oath to serve and defend this great Nation which is enshrined in those words in our Constitution. That defines who we are and it means everything to me as an American.

We the Kids WTK Teen conducted an interview with LTC. Allen West. They spoke about where he was from, his family, military service, why the constitution is important, our nations most relevant issues today and who his American Hero is. LISTEN NOW!


Lieutenant Colonel Allen West Interviewed by WTK Teen | We the Kids.

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