Well, There It Is. Now We Know For Certain ‘Fire and Fury’ Is Pack Of Lies

The author of the book Fire and Fury,  Michael Wolff had to have jumped the shark with this claim. For any journalist, writer, or reporter to make such an absurd claim, he foregoes any believability that he or she might have had. To say that the White House staff was wandering around whispering to each other about implementing the 25th Amendment is plain out lying. Here is what he claimed and why it is so wrong.

As Written and Reported By KAILANI KOENIG for NBC News:

WASHINGTON — Concern in the White House about President Donald Trump’s fitness for office has become so great that members of the administration routinely talk about a constitutional solution, the author of an explosive new book claimed in an exclusive interview on “Meet The Press.”

Michael Wolff, the author of “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” alleged Sunday that the 25th Amendment, which would allow the president’s Cabinet to remove him from office, is a concept that is “alive every day in the White House.”

Wolff said White House staffers he talked to would say things like “we’re not at a 25th Amendment level yet.” Others, he said, called Trump’s behaviors “a little 25th Amendment.”

Wolff, who has come under heavy criticism from the White House for the book, said he did not leave out positive perceptions of Trump to paint a negative picture him.

“If I left out anything, it’s probably stuff that was even more damning,” he said. “It’s that bad.”

Wolff defended his tactics in gaining enough access to the White House that he was able to speak very freely with numerous top administration officials.

“I literally kind of knocked on the door and said, ‘Can I come in?’ and they said, ‘OK.’ And I came in, I sat on the couch, and that’s the point of view I’ve written this,” he recounted.

“I went into this with absolutely no agenda whatsoever. I have no particular…..


‘Fire and Fury’ author Wolff says 25th Amendment concept ‘alive every day’ at White House – NBC News

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