We’ve Talked About Numerous Smoking Guns, THIS is the 44 Magnum Of Smoking Guns

Dr. Sebastian Gorka explains in short order, why this latest development with Hillary Clinton’s emails is the biggest smoking gun of them all.


As Reported By Breitbart:

Gorka said Clinton’s email scandal is disturbing for two reasons. “Number One, if this is how she dealt with it when she was a Cabinet member, how is she going to deal with it if she’s Commander-in-Chief?”

“And secondly, there’s the issue of what if Anonymous, or the Chinese, accessed that information on her private server?” he continued, referring to the Anonymous hacker collective. “And she’s in the White House, and they start to blackmail her, saying: ‘If you don’t do this, with regards to something that matters to us, we’re gong to let out what you really did.’ So she’s eminently blackmailable, in addition to the issue of the security of our future information.”


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