WH staff thinks Conservative Media is a drag on the President?

Conservative Media, not to be confused with Mainstream Media, may have just been accused of delivering Fake News to the President. The President’s own White House staff has not been pleased with some of the stories that the President has seen on FOX News and other conservative outlets. Specifically, they feel that the Omnibus Bill has not only received a bad review from conservatives but that some of the claims about the bill are outright false. Do they have a valid complaint? Please read and decide.

As Written and Reported By Charlie Spierling for Breitbart: 

Senior White House aides are making it known that they are not pleased with conservative cable news hosts challenging their policies — especially the recent budget-busting omnibus bill.

Trump watches Fox News regularly, listening to Fox News hosts like Sean Hannity, Jesse Waters, Jeanine Pirro and frequently reacts to their criticisms.

While Trump has appeared more eager to please his base on issues of immigration and trade, the omnibus bill was not praised as a win by conservatives, despite a large boost in military spending.

Senior White House officials complained to New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman that conservative cable opinion hosts were feeding the president information about the bloated spending bill that they felt was not true.

“Trump continued to rail privately about the omnibus bill, and has become convinced of things that aren’t true about it,” she wrote, citing two senior administration officials.

Before Trump signed the bill, Fox and Friends host Brian Kilmeade called the omnibus a “swamp budget” and a “Mitch McConnell special” despite praising it for restoring funding to the military. Commentator Ann Coulter trashed the bill for failing to fund any meaningful parts of his promised….


White House Staffers Frustrated with Conservative Media Influencing Donald Trump



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