What a Hillary Clinton Supreme Court Means for our Nation

For those that still have an inkling to vote against Donald Trump, it would serve you well to read this entire article. If you have any ideas that holding out for a last minute entry or resurfacing of a candidate who has previously left the ranks of this race, then it is most imperative that you take all of the following details into consideration. The Clinton’s as a unit are the most corrupt, unethical people on the face of this earth. If anyone thinks that by not voting you are saving yourself for ‘voting your conscience’ then you are just as guilty as those that actually cast their vote for this snake in the grass Clinton. Yes, you … if ever there was a time for you to stand up and save this nation, it is November 2016. Please read this article and then pass it around. Thank you.

As Written By William Bennett for Real Clear Politics:

People often ask me how I – a so-called conservative intellectual and author of “The Book of Virtues” – can support and vote for Donald Trump. I have many good reasons, but nothing on the home front is more important than the Supreme Court.

Our country can survive the occasional infelicities and improprieties of Donald Trump. But it cannot survive losing the Supreme Court to liberals and allowing them to wreck our sacred republic. It would reshape the country for decades.

If Hillary Clinton wins the presidency, she will, without a doubt, appoint a dyed in the wool liberal to fill Antonin Scalia’s seat, thereby giving liberals a strong five-person majority on the Court. It could get even worse if Justice Kennedy retires and Clinton replaces him with another liberal, giving them an unstoppable six seats on the Court.

We don’t know exactly what a President Trump will do, but we do know that his list of eleven potential justices is very promising and a Vice President Mike Pence and a Republican Congress led by Speaker Paul Ryan will hold his feet to the fire for good appointments. On the other hand, we know exactly what Clinton will do.

Let’s look briefly at what that will mean to us and our families.

Immigration: This past June the Supreme Court blocked Pres. Obama’s executive order on immigration that would have allowed roughly 4 million illegal aliens to stay in the country and get work permits. The case was decided on a 4-4 split in Scalia’s absence and therefore upheld the lower court’s decision. Give Clinton a liberal majority on the Supreme Court and surely she would restart this program (or create one similar) and the Court would uphold it. Millions of illegal immigrants would be granted sanctuary in our country and given the legal ability to work, thereby seizing much-needed jobs and benefits from Americans. And it could all be done by a stroke of Clinton’s pen and a pounding of the Court’s gavel; Congress would have no say in the matter.

Religious Liberty: In the highly-publicized case of Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, the Supreme Court ruled that closely held for-profit companies like Hobby Lobby could be exempt from laws that violate its religious beliefs, in this case Obamacare’s contraception mandate. This was an enormous win for religious liberty, but it was ….

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