What A Mess, Obama’s strategy in Syria is causing THIS!

What is the most serious side of this is the outright incompetence being shown by the President of the United States. Is he not listening to his military advisers at all? What a shame that people are so confused they are fighting one another instead of the enemy.


As Written By Richard Spencer, Telegraph UK:

President Barack Obama’s confused strategy in Syria means towns are now being fought over by different US-backed groups.

If anywhere can show the consequences of American foreign policy under President Barack Obama, it may be the small town of Marea, north of Aleppo.

In the course of the last five years, it has seen Assad regime tanks roll through from the south, firing shells through its houses.

It has been repeatedly attacked from the east by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil). On occasion it has been bombed from the air by the regime and shelled from the ground by Isil on the same day.

Now its rebel defenders are fighting Isil, the regime, Russian bombers, and a new enemy, the Syrian Kurdish militia the YPG, all at once.

America is calling for a ceasefire. But it is not clear whether even if one were declared, it would stop any of those enemies from attacking Marea.


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