What does Allen West think of President’s trip to middle east?

When Allen West was asked about his thoughts of President Trump’s speech during his trip to the middle east, he had nothing but praise for the man, even comparing how Trump and Obama essentially handled those nation’s leaders.

“I think he gave an incredible speech. I went back and we looked at Barack Obama’s speech at Cairo University back in August of 2009 as a point of contrast and comparison. What we saw was the difference between someone that tried to acquiesce and accommodating the peace with someone
that took a very forceful tone.”

He continued, “You’re not going to go in in front of the Saudis and all of these other Muslim nation leaders and start pounding the table but he talked about denying the Islamic terrorism sanctuary in their countries he talked about cutting off their flow of resource support and material support and most importantly he talked about how you can defeat this ideology and they need to come on board and do that as well.”

He later also stated, “And it was something very interesting that Prime Minister Netanyahu said, when he talked about how President Trump had flown from Riyadh to Israel and he looked forward to the day when an Israeli prime minister in fly from Tel Aviv to Riyadh that’s a very important step that we should see”.


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