What does Donna Brazile REALLY know about Seth Rich’s murder?

Former interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile has unleashed the Tin Foil Hat Brigade with her cryptic remarks about the murder of Seth Rich. Apparently, she felt as many do, that his murder was in retaliation for Clinton emails being leaked.

If you read all the conspiracy theories, there are a trail of bodies following the Clintons throughout their careers. All these stories come from the right wing and have sketchy data at best. This is the first time, however, that something like this has been repeated from the left side of the aisle. Read this and see what you think.

As Written By Thomas Lifson for the American Thinker:

Donna Brazile wanted only to rehabilitate herself and cash in on writing the first tell-all from the Clinton inner circle.  But she knew they have unpleasant ways of making problems go away, so she needed some insurance against the worst sorts of retaliation.  Her cryptic mentions of Seth Rich and subsequent refusal to elaborate on the subject may be a signal that killing her would set off mutual destruction.

Over the weekend, she confirmed that we crazy right-wing conspiracy nuts were correct in our worst suspicion: Seth Rich, it was reasonable to suspect, had leaked the DNC emails to WikiLeaks and was rubbed out to send a message to other canaries who might get in the way of Hillary’s juggernaut.  The killer(s) left his valuables behind, signaling that this was no robbery gone bad.

At the time, Brazile got the message. She shut her mouth and followed instructions, even shaming people who shared her worries about the murderous ruthlessness:

Seth Rich was a hard worker and proud to be an American. This desire to scar Seth’s legacy to his country and party is shameful. https://t.co/2cw5GZOYXO……………………………


Donna Brazile pulls the pin on the Seth Rich grenade

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