What Does Former Senator Harry Reid’s Retirement Have To Do With You?

Retired Senator Harry Reid is now living the dream in a Las Vegas community. He is to be congratulated on his choice for retirement living. The problem is, it is not the great American dream that the Senator was pushing off on us in his liberal progressive agenda. Hopefully, the irony of this article will not be lost on you. 

As Written and Reported By Wayne Allen Root for Townhall:

Please ignore the advertising slogan “What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas.” It’s not true. Las Vegas is the crossroads of America. What happens here is a sure sign of what’s happening everywhere. So, I’ve uncovered the biggest liberal scam in America, going on right here in Las Vegas.

It revolves around my home community in the suburbs of Las Vegas. I live in exclusive Anthem Country Club. There are about 1500 beautiful homes behind the gates of Anthem. These homes are together worth around $1 billion dollars, behind the gates of just one country club, in just one Las Vegas suburb.

What’s the amazing appeal of Anthem Country Club? It’s got a big beautiful wall around it. And thick iron gates in front, protected by armed guards. The result? There is virtually no crime inside walled, gated, armed Anthem.

I’ve lived here for almost 17 years. My kids grew up here. They played outside every day from morning to night and I never worried for one moment. Because of the wall, the gates and the armed guards, my kids were as safe as if they lived in “Mayberry R.F.D.” Life is good behind the gates of Anthem.

In the rest of Las Vegas…not so much. In the rest of Vegas…lots of crime, lots of fear. Proving walls and gates and lots of armed guards are a good thing, if you want your family to be safe.

But wait. Anthem recently added a new feature to keep our residents safe. Every vehicle entering our gates must show government-issued photo ID. Anyone entering our community- guests, gardeners, maids, nannies, pool cleaners, handymen, plumbers, electricians, delivery persons- must provide state or federal government-issued photo ID, or they will be denied entry. Every single one of them…….


Harry Reid and the Liberal Voter ID Scam Exposed – Wayne Allyn Root


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