WHAT? Friends Show That Comey Leaked While Still FBI Director!

Simply put, Comey’s no idiot. He knew what he was doing and if memory serves stated that he did it to “protect himself” — correct me if I’m wrong there. It’s funny, however, how his “friend” seems to think it was just them talking about it all nonchalant.

As Written By Kristina Wong for Breitbart: 

James Comey may have misled senators on May 3, when he testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee that he had never been an anonymous source in news reports related to the Russia investigation.

By that time, he had already leaked several private conversations he had with President Trump to his friend Benjamin Wittes,  editor-in-chief of the blog Lawfare and former editorial writer for the Washington Post.

Wittes wrote in a piece on May 18, only nine days after Comey was fired, that the former FBI director had shared those conversations “over the previous few months.” He wrote:

Comey never told me the details of the dinner meeting; I don’t think I even knew that there had been a meeting over dinner until I learned it from the Times story. But he did tell me in general terms that early on, Trump had ‘asked for loyalty’ and that Comey had promised him only honesty. He also told me that Trump was perceptibly uncomfortable with this answer.

Wittes also wrote that he had lunch with Comey on March 27, and that they discussed a phone call that Trump had made to him earlier in the day.

Wittes denied those conversations were leaks but were “just conversations between friends, the contents of which one friend is now disclosing.”

However, a leak is the release of unauthorized information, according to a definition by George Washington University professor and legal scholar Jonathan Turley. Incidentally, there is no condition that the information may be published or distributed via physical memo.

And Wittes is arguably a member of the news media. In January, Wittes published a piece on …….


Public Accounts by Friends Show James Comey Leaked While FBI Director – Breitbart

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