What has the alt-left in such a tizzy over the tax reform bill?

You have often heard it said that if the alt-left is against a bill, it must be a great bill. The Tax Reform Bill that is before Congress is coming this week. The liberal progressive left plans to make all the noise they can this week in order to defeat the bill. They will have many minions working with them.

The mainstream media will be onboard to make every little gathering of liberals look like monstrous rallies. You can count on the Democrat parties loyalists to put forth lies and innuendo about how minorities, women, and children will be hardest hit. I wonder if they will parade out a “victim” or two for their sound bites.

As Written By Adam Gabbatt for The Guardian:

Activists will launch a last-ditch effort to prevent Donald Trump’s tax bill from passing in the Senate on Monday, with scores of groups planning to lay siege to politicians’ offices.

Indivisible, the progressive group that aims to use Tea Party tactics to thwart the Republicans, has called for a day of action to stop the tax legislation, which the Senate is expected to vote on in the week after Thanksgiving.

According to some estimates, the GOP bill would actually raise taxes on middle-class workers over the next decade, and leave 13 million more people without insurance. A different tax bill passed the House on 16 November.

“Republicans are trying to rush this tax bill through,“ said Angel Padilla, the policy director at Indivisible. “And this is kind of standard practice for Republicans now – trying to rush things without any real public input. That’s what we saw on the healthcare bill and that’s what’s happening now.”

Activists are planning to hold sit-ins and demonstrations outside Republican senators’ offices across the country, in a protest they have dubbed “#TrumpTaxScam Sit-Ins”.

Indivisible, which is made up of more than 6,000 groups nationwide, has called for people to target seven senators in particular who it believes could vote against the bill: John McCain, Jeff Flake, Lisa Murkowsi, Susan Collins, Rob Portman, Shelley Moore Capito and Bob Corker.

“They’re the most important of the bunch,” said a post on the……….


Sit-ins, protests, rallies: activists’ mammoth push to thwart Republican tax bill | US news | The Guardian

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