What has Wray discovered about McCabe?

One of the first casualties of the soon to be released IG Report in FBI Deputy Director Andrew G. McCabe. He abruptly stepped down on Monday from his position. It seems that retirement in March would not be getting him out of office soon enough. What is it in the House  FISA Court memo that impelled this rapid departure? There are some hints.

As Written and Reported by Allahpundit for Hot Air:

The fit’s going to hit the shan, on the right and on the left. For the right, this is a bombshell: There really is something about McCabe in the Inspector General’s report, apparently, that made Chris Wray uncomfortable with the thought of keeping him on a moment longer than necessary. Wray was always going to end up easing McCabe out of the deputy role as he builds his own team, but with McCabe already poised to retire in March, under normal circumstances it would have been a simple matter of keeping him in his job for six more weeks. Wray couldn’t do it, apparently. Something’s coming and he needed to solve his McCabe problem now.

For the left, this will be treated as proof that Trump’s tactics of putting political pressure on the Justice Department have worked. He and Sessions had been leaning on Wray to dump McCabe and now, lo and behold, McCabe has been muscled out via Wray’s efforts. What exactly is in that IG report that’s so terrible that Wray couldn’t have waited six weeks for him to leave? If the report is released and there’s no bombshell, Wray will be attacked forever after as a Trump crony who’s politicized the…..


NYT: Chris Wray put pressure on McCabe to quit after finding “something concerning” in IG report Hot Air


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