What In The World Is Our State Department Doing This For?!

If you are reading this correctly, the State Department is pouring $700,000 taxpayer dollars into Hungary in an attempt to influence the election. Are we not now involved in a big controversy in this nation over our last election? Is not the media all up in arms that the Russians tried to defeat Hillary Clinton?  If that was so wrong, then how is this supposed to be okay?

How did this happen? This smacks of Obama era international diplomacy if you could call it that. Is the Shadow Government still at work at State? Where is Secretary of State Tillerson? Did he approve this and if so why? Somebody, please call the President.

As Written By Jack Montgomery for Breitbart: 

The U.S. State Department has courted controversy by announcing it will plough $700,000 into Hungarian media, angering the country’s anti-globalist, conservative government.

The funding was announced by U.S. Chargé d‘Affaires David Kostelancik, who has previously appeared to openly criticise the Trump administration by alluding to “apparent inconsistencies in [U.S.] foreign policy” and remarking that “not every criticism of the government is ‘fake news’.”

Breitbart London spoke to a State Department official who confirmed it supports what it calls “democracy and human rights programming” in many countries, and that its intentions in Hungary — a NATO ally — are to “support media outlets operating outside the capital … to produce fact-based reporting and increase their audience and economic sustainability”.

The State Department also echoed Kostelancik’s claim that too many Hungarian news outlets are sympathetic to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s popular conservative government — which has earned powerful enemies by opposing the European Union on mass migration, building a highly effective border wall, and exposing the network of European politicians deemed “reliable allies” by billionaire open borders campaigner ……..


U.S. State Dept Puts $700,000 into Hungarian Media, Demands ‘Programming’ Against Orban, Patriots

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