What in the world is the “Allen West Republic”?

We recognize the unwavering spirit that Allen West brings to the political arena and we will fight to hold all American statesmen to his standards of honor and loyalty.  We will support Allen West in his campaigns, offer him our opinions and help promote his positions when needed.  We will engage mainstream America and present our case for Constitutional values and the Allen West brand of conservatism, which is to remain Steadfast and Loyal to our Republic.

Our Philosophy:

The Allen West Republic will promote and engage in civil debate and fact-finding research.  We are more than a fan club.  We are here to emulate the qualities that Allen West personifies in our fight for the restoration of America’s Constitutional Republic.    Please recognize that not everyone approaches an issue the same way.  Some follow their heart, some their head, and most use a mixture of the two.  Trust and reason are both valuable.  Play your part and allow others to play theirs. 

Our conservative principles demand that we hold ALL representatives accountable for their words, decisions and votes.  Accountability does not equal disloyalty.  Debate is essential and civility is required.    We must remain focused on our common goal of self-governance.

The direction of Allen West Republic:

So now that you know how we got here, let’s talk about where we’re going.  While we all would like to see Allen West as president, that theme as a sole focus has proven insufficient to sustain continued growth and even has alienated some of Rep. West’s constituents who support his re-election to Congress.   We can happily remind him of America’s dire need of his leadership, but if we want to build a relationship with the official West camp itself, we should provide aid, advice and support, not a polarizing position.  We must engage ALL conservatives and educate mainstream America about the West style of conservatism.  To truly support Allen West in the long run, we should strengthen our resolve and collectively create a body of work that advances our mutual cause: to fundamentally restore our Constitutional Republic. 

The fight to take our country back from radical leftists is about to get very intense.  Our goal is to create and maintain a platform from which to engage our fellow Americans; one that is resolute, informative and fun – just like Allen West.

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