What is feeding the destroying monuments and racism issue?

After President Obama left office, the issue of monuments has been the focus of much unrest. Suddenly, anything that existed during the time that slavery existed in our nation is the target of criticism, removal, and even destruction. Lloyd Marcus has a perspective on this issue that will be shouted down by the left. Adding to it is his Christian viewpoint. You will find it encouraging that there are such men as Mr. Marcus expressing his viewpoint. Read on. 

As Written By Lloyd Marcus for the American Thinker:

While in Baltimore visiting my 89-year-old black dad, I thanked him for filling me and my four younger siblings with the Word of God. I told Dad how I would hear a minister on TV begin reciting a verse from the Bible and find myself reciting the verse along with him. I wondered how I knew that verse from the Bible. Then, it dawned on me, Dad filled us with the Word of God when we were kids. Dad chuckled and told me a story.

Aunt Nee asked Dad to deliver a payment to the Christian book store for a book she had ordered. While browsing the store, a thick book of Bible stories with beautiful illustrations caught Dad’s eye. An older white woman saw Dad’s interest in the book. She approached Dad and asked him questions about himself.

The book cost $5.95. Dad asked if he could put the book on layaway. Overhearing Dad’s conversation with the store clerk, the white woman offered to pay for the book. Dad said that back then, he was not much of a reader, only comic books. Dad’s voice cracked and his eyes welled up when he told me this next part of his story. He told the white woman, “If you’re kind enough to buy me this book, I promise to read it.”

Dad read his five kids bedtime stories from that book, which filled us with the Word of God. Dad said that book turned him into an avid reader which led to him becoming Dr. Rev. Lloyd E. Marcus, author and pastor of numerous churches. Dad also became Baltimore City Fire Department’s first black chaplain. Dad’s encounter with the kind white woman in the Christian book store happened over 50 years ago. Seeing him get emotional while telling me about the incident surprised me.

In the early 1960s, our school bus of black students from neighboring Pumphrey was the first to integrate Brooklyn Park Jr/Sr High School in Maryland. At my 50th high school reunion, I learned that white coach Mangum regularly brought……


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