What Obama is planning to unleash for Christmas is DESPICABLE 

Article 1, Section 8 Clause 11 of The Constitution.

In the world of Barack Obama, reality has no true bearing on any of his decisions. As we see every day, his policies aren’t determined by true reality but rather his intransigent philosophical beliefs.


Written By Allen B. West:

So in January 2009 Obamaland, if you say Guantanamo Bay must be closed, regardless of the global Islamic terror environment, it must be closed. And to hammer that point home, you’ll tell yourself — and create the false narrative — that the enemy will just stop and sing kumbaya once GITMO is closed.

So get ready, whether they’re naughty or nice, sometime between now and Christmas Day, a group of GITMO unlawful enemy combatants will be released back into the “wild.”

As reported by Fox News, “The Obama administration may be moving toward one of the biggest transfers of Guantanamo Bay prisoners in years, as part of the president’s slow-moving and still-controversial push to empty the camp.

A congressional aide confirmed to FoxNews.com on Thursday that the Pentagon has floated to lawmakers the possibility of transferring another 17 detainees. The aide said lawmakers will be briefed on the plan Friday — while voicing concern that the strategy is to reduce the prison camp population to “as low as they can get,” even if it involves “a good deal of risk.”

Who is on the apparent short-list for transfer and which host nations might receive them is not publicly known, and could be reviewed at Friday’s briefing.

The proposal was first reported by The New York Times, which said Defense Secretary Ash Carter has told Congress he’s approved the 17 proposed transfers. If this moves forward, it reportedly would be the largest number of transfers in a single month since 2007 and could bring the number of detainees at Gitmo down to 90. Officials described the 17 to the Times as lower-level detainees.


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