What Rogue Former Trump Aide Learned After His Mueller Grand Jury Appearance

The former aide to Donald Trump, Sam Nunberg, has made his appearance before the Grand Jury convened by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. This is the appearance that he was so adamant about not attending in an interview last week. In that interview, he invited the Special Counsel to just arrest him. Since then he has become a bit calmer. In this latest interview, he is now saying that the president does not appear to be in any jeopardy from the investigation. Here are his stated reasons for believing that.

As Written and Reported by Chuck Ross for the Daily Caller:

  • Sam Nunberg testified before Robert Mueller’s grand jury 
  • The former Trump aide had threatened to defy Mueller’s subpoena by skipping the grand jury testimony
  • He denied his emails contained damning revelations

A former Trump aide who testified before special counsel Robert Mueller’s grand jury on Friday says he does not view the Russia probe as a “witch hunt,” though he also does not believe the investigation leads to President Donald Trump.

Sam Nunberg offered the assessment in an interview with ABC News following his six-hour testimony before the grand jury, which convened in Washington, D.C.

The interview was much tamer than a series of media appearances that Nunberg made earlier this week in which he threatened to defy Mueller’s subpoena by skipping the grand jury testimony.

“No, I don’t think it’s a witch hunt,” he told ABC News after his grand jury appearance.

“There’s a lot there there, and that’s a sad truth,” he said, adding: “I don’t believe it leads to the president.”

Nunberg, who was fired from the Trump campaign in August 2015, gave mixed signals earlier this week on whether he believes that Trump or anyone with the campaign is in legal jeopardy……




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