What The DNC is Doing With That Weinstein Money Isn’t As Noble As They Made It Sound

The DNC is on the horns of a dilemma. The Hollywood Harvey Weinstein sexual scandal has exposed (pun) the Democrats to some cross-eyed criticism. In their haste to escape from the limelight, they are throwing away money to make themselves appear more pious. But, as in all politics, be sure and follow the money. This particular act is quite the sleight of hand that is worthy of vaudeville. Look! Nothing up my sleeve! You gave me $300,000, I will return $30,000. That makes me look better to you, right? Read all about this deception here.

As Written By Becket Adams for the Washington Examiner:

Once again, headlines really do matter.

Headline writers have a responsibility to present the facts as succinctly and accurately as they can with the space that’s provided. It’s difficult, but it can be done. Omitting crucial context does nobody any good, and it leads often to grossly misleading narratives. This is a story about omitting crucial context.

The Democratic National Committee is in a tough spot.

On the one hand, Democrats want to be known as the pro-woman party. On the other hand, one of its most powerful and visible donors has spent the last three decades sexually abusing women, according to a bombshell New York Times investigation.

What to do?

Seeing the obvious dilemma, someone at the DNC hit on a bright idea: Re-gift Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s political donations to various women’s groups, including EMILY’s List, Emerge America, and Higher Heights.

Not a bad idea.

However, because this is politics, the scheme is designed in such a way as to cancel out any good the DNC may have accomplished.

First, the DNC is giving away only $30,000 of the more than $300,000 that Weinstein has ……


DNC wins favorable headlines following announcement it’ll basically funnel Weinstein cash back to itself

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