What the Lamestream Media Is Deliberately Ignoring With President Trump

Here is an article about the undertakings of President Donald Trump since he took office. This article will not pay much attention to the high-profile negative issues that have at times seem to stall his agenda as a President. This article will take a little inventory of all the things that he has accomplished in a very short period of time. You know all these things, but it is much more impressive when cataloged like this.

As Written by Robert Ehrlich for the Washington Examiner:

The Trump presidency has been eventful so far, to say the least. The new president’s modus operandi is truly unique – guaranteed to ruffle the Washington establishment’s feathers for as long as he is around. Accordingly, every day is chock-full of Twitter blasts, personnel changes, resistance-inspired demonstrations, and, of course, everything and anything to do with investigations into Russian President Vladimir Putin’s election-hacking ways.

But “frustrating” may best define the new president. To wit, the same man who garnered Reaganesque comparisons during high-profile foreign trips to the Middle East and Europe can also be his own worst enemy.

The Charlottesville episode is instructive. Words of condemnation after neo-Nazis and related groups cause a riot are not difficult; just condemn neo-Nazi nut jobs with specificity in the strongest terms. The responsibility of wing-nut leftists such as “Antifa” can be appropriately condemned at a later time and place. What was widely interpreted as a less than overwhelming initial response led to weeks of bad press. Such is the product of an unforced error.

An unproductive Congress contributes to the uneasiness. The Left clings to the notion that the arc of history remains with them (the short-term annoyance of Trump notwithstanding) so strident opposition defines their every move. On the other side, a disjointed GOP struggles to move major bills – and is conflicted as to how to work with a president who will cut deals with Democrats just as easily as with Republicans.

But this column is not about baneful Democrats, bashful Republicans, media dust-ups, the latest Hollywood lefty threatening to leave the country, or even the president’s disinclination for politics-as-usual.

Rather, I offer an inventory of under-analyzed, unilateral U-turns undertaken during the ………


Trump is making tons of progress while the media ignore it

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