What Top Anti-ISIS Envoy Said About President Trump’s Policy on ISIS 

Recent data has shown that nearly one-third (1/3rd) of territory From ISIS in both Iraq and Syria since 2014 has been reclaimed in the last 6 months, and it’s due in large part to the new policies created by the Trump administration, according to senior State Department representative Brett McGurk.

McGurk cited “key changes” by President Donald Trump in the campaign against the Islamic State, specifically citing a “campaign of annihilation” which entails surrounding militant-held cities before launching any offensives, ensuring no militants escape saying that the 2,000 militants in Raqqa “most likely will die in Raqqa.”

McGurk held the same job during the Obama administration states that the renewed efforts by the current administration to “increase burden sharing” from the coalition, which of the 73 countries involved mostly and largely do not participate in the warfare are expected to help stabilize “cleared areas”, including the city of Mosul, where U.S.-backed Iraqi forces officially declared victory last month.

As Written By Will Racke for the Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump called attention Saturday to the major gains U.S.-backed forces have made against the Islamic State, citing claims by a top American diplomat that the administration’s polices are directly responsible for that success.

Brett McGurk, the Department of State’s senior envoy to the anti-Islamic State coalition, said Friday that Trump’s policies, including delegating decision-making to U.S. military commanders in the field, have “dramatically accelerated progress” against the militant group.

About a third of territory captured from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria since 2014 has been taken in the past six months, according to McGurk.

Trump publicized that assessment on Twitter, sharing The Washington Post’s story, headlined, “Under Trump, gains against ISIS have ‘dramatically accelerated.’”



Trump Has Made Big Gains Against ISIS | The Daily Caller

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