When the Cow’s Milk Has Dried Up


The uninformed citizens of our country are radically changing the course of our nation at rapid speed. The good has turned to bad, all that was right is now wrong. Let’s face it, our world is upside down and we are in a downward spiral on a collision course directly aimed at socialism and a president deeming himself dictator.

The first paycheck of the year (for those who actually work for a living or own a business) should have been a wake up call for most of America.  Sadly, with blinders on the sheeple walk in lock step with the regime of the Obama administration and are being herded into a corral enticed by what they believe is the endless funding of the governments wallet.

Note to those takers: The money runs out, the benefits will dry up. It is not that difficult to realize that as your dad or mom used to say, “Money doesn’t grow on tree’s”.  The ill informed of our nation and those not paying any attention fail to see that money comes from somewhere and eventually the faucet will shut off. The cow can only give so much milk, the horse can only run so many races, the car runs out of gas and what are you left with? Nothing. It really is that simple.

Americans no matter what walk of life, no matter their race, creed or religion can understand these basic words “Out of Money”. When your personal household is out of money what do you do? Do you pick up the phone and call your federal government office and tell them you need more? Do you borrow from a family member or friend in the hopes that one day you can repay them? If you answered the latter, then you truly comprehend where we are today. Our fellow American’s used to take care of one another, they didn’t rely on government handouts, they helped each other, that is the American way. When you feel like you are “owed” something for nothing, that is when it all goes awry.

The obligation of the government is to promote the general welfare, not to provide it. The government is not an endless money tree. That money comes from somewhere.  Here is a link to the resources of where the government get’s its money: http://www.taxpolicycenter.org/briefing-book/background/numbers/revenue.cfm it’s called the tax payers. If American’s are not working and paying taxes, if businesses aren’t productively making money and hiring employee’s, if corporations aren’t successful, the cow’s milk dries up.

The workforce is in a sad state, businesses are tanking left and right. Corporations are folding up shop and taking their business elsewhere. WHY? Because we have become a nation of takers, our next generation’s that are up and coming are being told by their parents that the government “owes” them and will take care of them. Lies, all lies and manipulation to take our country to the lowest levels that this country has ever known.  The next generation has a chance to steer the ship, but we must reach out to them, we must show them the right way. Capitalism and success is just a portion of what made this nation great. To let them walk through blindly while all we do is watch it go down is pointless. Action is needed and needed right now.

As citizens of the United States of America and believers in the foundations on which this nation was built, it is our duty to not just “talk” about rising up, it is time to take that action and fight this tyranny head on. Meaning you, all of you, reading this right now, it is your duty to take a stand and say enough. You will not dictate to me and my children, you will not take away my God given rights and you will certainly not take away the right’s given in the US Constitution.


The cow’s milk has dried up. This country can’t take much more. Patriots, we can no longer talk about our actions, we must act and we must act now.

Steadfast to this nation,

Tanya Grimsley

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