When will we see the feigned righteous indignation from President Obama on THIS???

Didn’t Obama vow to fix the VA?


As Written By Allen B. West:

There are times when you can only shake your head in dismay and disgust – and this is definitely one… As reported by the Military Times, “At least 23 veterans, troops or family members who called the Veterans Crisis Line in fiscal 2014 were transferred to a voicemail system and their calls never returned, according to a Veterans Affairs Department Inspector General report.

The VA watchdog’s investigation into the hotline’s performance launched last year also found that the centers responsible for the voicemail errors, who were contractors hired to provide backup services when the VA-run Crisis Line is operating at peak, may not have trained their counselors adequately to answer calls from those experiencing a mental health crisis.

But because the VA does not train the backup center employees or monitor the centers’ training requirements, the department has no way of knowing whether their training is sufficient, the report noted.

The Veterans Crisis Line was established in 2007 to address the growing problem of suicide among veterans and service members. It has fielded more than 2 million calls and is credited with saving more than 50,000 lives.

The VA OIG launched an investigation into the Veterans Crisis Line in early 2015 after receiving complaints from callers that they were placed on hold, didn’t receive immediate help or their calls went to voicemail.”

On my salute hand trigger finger I wear the plain black #22Kill ring. It’s a simple reminder that here in America, 22 veterans take their own lives every day. I want you to read that again, in America, 22 veterans a day commit suicide. And yet we still have senior leadership in the VA that hasn’t been fired. How did we get to this point, and when will we see the feigned righteous indignation from President Obama?



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