While All These Sexual Harassment Stories Top The News, This Isn’t Being Covered

Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Allen West wants to change the subject from Sexual Harassment to something else for a few minutes. While our attention has been diverted from worldwide events, there have been some unsettling things going on in the Middle East. Although al Queda has been defeated in the battle for Raqqa, a large armed convoy of ISIS fighters left there unscathed. Where wiil they turn up and what should or President do about it? Mr. West has some thoughts.

As Written By Allen B. West:

Doggone, it’s hard to believe that we only have two weekends left in this year’s college football season. However, if you’ve noticed, it has been a nightmarish season for me. The Tennessee Volunteers could actually go this entire season without winning a single SEC football game. And last week I was up in Manhattan, Kansas and watched my Kansas State Wildcats go down to West Virginia 28-23, they’re 5-5…Tennessee, uh, 3-7, and facing LSU tonight. My home state Georgia Bulldogs got crushed last week by Auburn, but they will still make the SEC championship game…so I do have something to cheer.

So, I haven’t been too enthused about this year in college football. Therefore, let’s talk about things not a lot of people are talking about. And actually, one can learn a lot when paying attention to what’s not being discussed in the news.

Right now, the flavor of the moment in the news cycle is sexual harassment. As well, President Trump just went on a 12-day trip through the Pacific Rim and the focus was on North Korea, reassuring our allies, and rectifying trade imbalances.

But, earlier this week we shared with you a story that is quite disconcerting, and causes me concern because we’re not talking about a region that’s still a powder keg…the Middle East.

The BBC provided us a well-written and documented story of the aftermath of the fall of Raqqa. The authors clearly laid out the disturbing news that nearly 4,000 Islamic State fighters and their families, including foreign fighters, had been trucked out of Raqqa with their full complement of arms and ammunition. We asked a simple question: where did they go? Or perhaps there’s a better question: where will they end up? Those two questions may appear to be the same, but they’re not. Therefore, we can ill afford to lose focus on the Middle East, and here is why.

First of all, we still have the most savage and barbaric Islamic jihadist group armed and looking for a sanctuary. ISIS was created because the Obama administration created a vacuum that was filled quickly by a group that had been defeated. ISIS was the reconstituted Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) and it returned as a vicious virus, a strain for which we did not have an immediate antidote.

Now, we haven’t forced an unconditional surrender but in a sense, rewarded them with a victory. ISIS was able to inflict massive and heinous evil and death upon thousands, yet they were able to be moved out in a convoy, without any disruption. Yes, we can claim a pyrrhic victory in that ISIS no longer has territorial integrity, but the Islamic state is not about a territory, it’s about a movement, a mentality. That mentality has not been defeated, certainly not destroyed, but it left a wake of death, destruction, and the potential to once again regenerate…somewhere.

Second, Iran is in a strong position in the Middle East and they are expanding their hegemonic dominance. Iran is calling the shots in Baghdad, Iraq, as it has become a client state of the Islamist nation. Case in point, the leader of the terrorist designated Iranian Quds Force, General Suleimani, is leading the Iraqi Army…armed with U.S. military equipment…allied with Shiite militias against the Kurdish Peshmerga Army, not equipped with U.S. military weapons.

Yes, an Iranian terrorist organization is leading the Iraqi Army, armed with US. weapons against the folks who’ve been staunch allies of the U.S., the Kurds. It was the Kurds who made the expulsion of ISIS possible…not the Iraqi army. As well, Iran’s other proxy terrorist army, Hezbollah, is operating freely in Syria and that poses a threat to our other best ally in the Middle East, Israel — you remember, that place where we promised to relocate our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  Then there’s also the vicious Islamic jihadist group, Hamas, which is also part of the Iranian sphere of support…and why did Obama give the Iranians billions of dollars? Lastly, since we are indeed concerned about the advancement of North Korea’s nuclear program, where do you think Kim Jung Un got all that technology?

What is the solution you ask? It’s simple. President Trump will need a focused trip to the Middle East, and I’m not talking about sword dancing in Saudi Arabia. As well, the Trump administration has a great opportunity to discard what has been an abject failure, the post-World War I Sykes-Picot Treaty that created the modern Middle East nation-state structure. That has indeed been overcome by events. In looking at the Middle East, we must no longer assess it by the antiquated delineation of Sunni-Shiite. We must have a bifurcated vision of Islamic Reformists or Islamic Jihadists. President Trump did allude to this during his speech ………


Amidst all the sexual harassment stories, what’s most interesting is what ISN’T being covered – Allen B West

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