While Our Attention Fixated on Mexican Border This Report Bears Appropriate Attention!

Canada issued a public safety report in August of this year. As all our attention is fixated on the Mexican border, this report bears appropriate attention. In the report are details on the number of travelers to and from terrorist and ISIS training countries. The report is unlike anything President Barack Obama’s administration has issued, according to Adam Kredo of  The Washington Free Beacon.

As written by Eric Mack for Newsmax:

The Mexican border might be getting a lot of the attention because of Donald Trump’s wall proposal, but terrorism threats coming to and from Canada can be a cause of concern as well.

The Canadian government issued a public safety report in August , detailing its threat level as “medium” — “meaning a violent act of terrorism can occur in Canada” — and reporting 180 people traveling from Canada abroad have been “suspected of engaging in terrorism-related activities and another 60”  extremist travelers had returned to Canada by the end of 2015.

Of those 180, more than half are believed to be in Turkey, Iraq or Syria.

Of the 60 known returning travelers: “the experiences and intention of these individuals vary.

“They may have skills, experience and relationships developed abroad that could be used to recruit or inspire individuals in Canada. They may also engage in terrorist financing, helping others to travel, or even planning attacks in Canada.”

The Canadian government’s response has included 21 terrorism-related ….

Full Story Here:

Report: ISIS Terrorists Infiltrating Canada, May Use for Entry to US

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