Whistleblower warns the President on VA’s Latest Move

When it comes to a bad bureaucracy, this whistle-blower points to the latest atrocious behavior at the Veterans Administration. Scott Davis has written to President Trump about the VA’s plans to throw out 500,000 applications due to a VA error. That is one half million lives that are just dismissed and told, sorry, start over. Unacceptable? You bet!

As Written by Pete Kasperowicz for the Washington Examiner:

A whistleblower in the Atlanta office of the Department of Veterans Affairs warned President Trump on Tuesday that the VA is preparing to throw out hundreds of thousands of benefit applications due to an error the VA itself made during the Obama administration.

Scott Davis, a well-known whistleblower who has testified before Congress, wrote an open letter to Trump saying that more than 500,000 of these applications might be scuttled in March unless he intervenes.

“I am sending this whistleblower disclosure to your office due to the urgent need for executive intervention,” he wrote. “VA is planning on declaring over 500,000 Veteran applications for VA health care as incomplete and abandoned at the end of ….


Whistleblower: VA about to trash hundreds of thousands of veteran applications | Washington Examiner

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