White House Chief of Staff BLASTS Democrats

White House Chief of Staff  John Kelly BLASTS Democrats for their closed-minded approach to the President’s immigration plan. He did this blasting to a bunch of reporters that he had a talk with. According to Mr. Kelly, the only thing that the Democrats seem to understand is pressure. You can be sure that Kelly knows how to apply pressure and has now promised to bring it if need be. Read his comments here.

As Writte and Reported By Neil Munro for Breitbart: 

Democrats will only negotiate about immigration if they face continued pressure, White House chief of staff John Kelly admitted Tuesday.

“What makes them act is pressure,” Kelly told reporters in Congress.

Kelly’s promise of pressure is built on his disappointment that Democrats have spurned the President’s four-part office to amnesty at least 1.8 million illegals in exchange for three popular immigration reforms. Kelly said:

The president, shockingly, gave [amnesty to] 1.8 million, and then probably the biggest shock was in the [offer of a] path to citizenship. That is beyond what anyone could have imagined, whether you are on the right or the left.  Then on top of that, kind of the third tier of that [framework offer], is that anyone, any of the family members based on the chain, the so-called chain or family unification, that anyone in the chain or in the pipeline, four million roughly, will be allowed to continued through the pipeline …

I can’t imagine men and women of good will, who begged this President to solve the problem of DACA, and as generous as the four pillars have been, I can’t imagine they would vote against it [in a Senate debate]. I mean this is more than they could have imagined.

He continued :

I would offer that if before the champions of DACA were members on one [Democratic] side of the aisle, I would say right now, the ….


Kelly: Democrats Respond Only to Pressure, not to Generosity – Breitbart

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