White House Chief of Staff Threatened to Quit?

So John Kelly got into an argument with the President of The United States of America… and he threatened to quit. Am I crazy for not being too worried about it? I feel like there are a thousand people lined up around the block, so to speak, all wanting to be good, honest, people who want to work for Trump and help Make America Great Again.

We only have hearsay at this point as to what the argument could have been about but the timing of the argument went along with the firing of David Shulkin, with Kelly leaving the room saying to himself that he was going to quit.

I’ve been there, you don’t always have to see eye to eye with your boss but the point is, for me at least, Trump has made mostly good calls on every front so far. If it were me in Kelly’s shoes, I don’t know how hard I would have questioned any decision the President has made.

It’s not like he’s leading us into a nuclear war.

As Written and Reported By Katie Leech for the Washington Examiner:

White House chief of staff John Kelly reportedly threatened to quit last week after getting into a heated argument with President Trump during an Oval Office meeting.

Sources familiar with the confrontation told Axios that Kelly exploded on Trump on March 28 and left the room muttering under his breath that he was going to quit. Colleagues reportedly saw the state Kelly was in and called in help, including Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, to calm him down.

While the date coincides with the firing of VA Secretary David Shulkin, sources said the incident was not related.

A senior administration official said that his talk of quitting, which has happened before, is more “venting frustrations” than an actual threat…..


John Kelly threatened to quit after heated argument with Trump: Report



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