White House Makes Correct Decision In Declining Release of ‘Schiff Memo’ Trap

It has been announced that the Democrat House memo that was put forward by Adam Schiff is too classified to be released. That means that, as it is currently written, it will not be released for public consumption. Representative Schiff may have purposely intended for that to happen. He is no dummy and he knows from his work there as to what is and is not sensitive information. The intention would then seem to be to turn it into a political weapon against President Trump. The President has offered the Democrats help in rewriting their memo so that it can be released. Do you think that will happen?

As Written and Reported By Kristina Wong for Breitbart: 

President Trump is declining to release the House Intelligence Committee Democratic memo, after the Justice Department identified portions that would raise “significant concerns” if released, the White House counsel announced Friday evening.

“Although the President is inclined to declassify the February 5th Memorandum, because the Memorandum contains numerous properly classified and especially sensitive passages, he is unable to do so at this time,” White House Counsel to the President Donald McGahn said in a letter.

The letter was released by the White House, along with another letter from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray. Their letter said they had identified information that “would present concerns in light of longstanding principles regarding the protection of intelligence sources and methods, ongoing investigations, and other similarly sensitive information” if released.

They also noted there was information for which “national security or law enforcement concerns are especially significant.”

They added that they had taken into account the information that was already declassified in a previous memo by Republicans on the committee……..


Trump Declines to Declassify Democratic Memo, Citing DOJ and FBI Objections


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