White House makes promise guaranteed to put America in DANGER 

Obama Pen and Phone

As Written By Allen B. West:

I love the reference “stuck on stupid” — had it used on me and some buddies several times in the Army. But as I listened to White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough restate Obama’s intent to shut down Guantanamo Bay, I just had to laugh as I recalled that descriptor. How terribly apt. Funny thing — the only folks talking about it are Obama leftist acolytes.

As reported by The Hill, “White House chief of staff Denis McDonough on Sunday reiterated the long-held goal to close Guantanamo Bay before the end of President Obama’s second term.

“The president has said from the beginning of this administration that we will close Gitmo because it’s bad for our national security and because it’s too costly,” McDonough said on “Fox News Sunday.”

“We ought to make sure that we’re in a position to close that facility because it strengthens us when we close it. That’s what the president will do. He feels an obligation to his successor to close that, and that’s why we’re going to do it,” he added. “You are going to do it?” Fox News host Chris Wallace pressed.

“Sure we are,” McDonough responded. Wallace asked McDonough whether the president will go around Congress to close the terrorist detention facility if the legislature refuses to act. Obama has hinted he may use executive action to close Guantanamo, which Democrats have called a powerful terrorist recruiting tool.”

Now, regardless of how many times members of the Obama choom gang say it, it does not make it true. How does closing GITMO make us stronger?

Let me clarify, how does releasing savage barbaric Islamic terrorists make us stronger — or safer? And as far as an “obligation to his successor” what about the massive debt and all the unconstitutional executive actions that are being left?

And consider that Obama will leave to his “successor” a massive proliferation of global militant Islamic terror, a nuclear Iran, a rising Chinese militancy, a resurging Russia — ok, y’all get my point. How nice that Obama wants to release the unlawful enemy combatants back into the wild like he’s on some “Free Willy” kick.

And a “powerful recruiting tool?” Folks, you know what is the most powerful recruiting tool for Islamic jihadists? Obama’s weakness. They’re acting with impunity all over the world. The Taliban has control of more terrain in Afghanistan since 2001 — THAT is a doggone recruiting tool! The enemy hasn’t quit, they continue to pledge their commitment to our destruction, as we saw with the largest Islamic terrorist attack on US soil since 9-11, on Obama’s watch.

We saw what happened in Philadelphia –well, some of us did — the


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