White House says “False” about reports that intelligence sharing between U.S. and Israel halted

There are news stories around the world reporting this very same thing. The Obama administration has done everything in his power to make PM Netanyahu feel unwelcome on almost every visit to the United States. When the PM spoke to Congress, our child-like President couldn’t even afford him the respect or time for even a phone call. PM Netanyahu is one of the world’s strongest leaders and one of our best allies. The immaturity and inexperience of President Obama leans towards these reports being somewhat believable.

The Story Originated here from Channel 10 News:

Screen grab below is from their news site (use Google translate) where there is more on this, as well as video.

Channel 10 News Israel

The Blaze Reported: 

The Obama administration has “unilaterally” and “completely” stopped sharing intelligence with Israel over Iran’s nuclear development program due to its anger over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Tuesday address to Congress, Israel’s Channel 10 reported, a charge the White House flatly denied.

“The U.S. unilaterally stopped all of its joint activity with Israel regarding the nuclearization of Iran,” the news show reported Monday night. This freeze in intelligence sharing was attributed to the “American anger” at Netanyahu.

White House national security spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan told TheBlaze in an email, “the report is completely false.”

The Jerusalem Post Reported:

The United States and Israel have stopped intelligence cooperation on Iran’s nuclear program, Channel 10 reported Monday.

The reported halt in intelligence cooperation comes amid tensions in the relationship between Israel and the administration of US President Barack Obama over differences of opinion on an emerging diplomatic deal with Iran and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to the US Congress in which he is expected to speak out against such a deal on Tuesday.

The intelligence cooperation between the two countries has helped the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency collect information for reports on Iran’s nuclear program in the past, according to Channel 10. These same IAEA reports helped convince the international community to support sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program.

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White House says “False” about reports that intelligence sharing between U.S. and Israel halted

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