Who are the REAL Palestinians?

The violence we are witnessing in the Middle East is horrific. Who would have thought in the 21st century we would have beheadings, crucifixions, rapes of women and girls, and the selling of women into slavery. Not to mention ancient historical artifacts destroyed along with ancient civilizations being driven from their ancestral homes.


As Written By Allen B. West for Townhall:

What is the world’s response? Little to nothing, unless you are Vladimir Putin, who of course is acting out of his own self-serving advancement. Then again, nature abhors a void and will always seek to fill it – such is the case with Russia led by Putin.

The phenomenon that astonishes me is the lack of historical relevance in order to discern the real fault lines in the Middle East. There is nowhere that is more evident than with the current savagery being played out, once again, in Israel. Perhaps it is time to share a little history in order to put all of this into perspective.

We continue to hear the disparaging comments emanating from every corner about “Israeli occupation.” Over time we have witnessed the creation of a “protected class” of people who call themselves “Palestinians.” So let’s ask history: who are the real Palestinians?

When the Romans conquered and “occupied” the land we know as Israel, then referred to as Judea, they decreed the changing of Jerusalem to Aeolia Capitolina. This did not settle well with the patriotic Sons of Israel, call them Zionists if you wish, and therefore a rebellion took place. The rebellion was led by a man named Simon Bar Kokhba in 132 AD.

Roman Emperor Hadrian came to the throne at 118 AD and allowed the Jewish people to return and build their temple after conquest, but he soon reneged upon his word. He decreed that the temple site be moved and actually began deporting Jews to North Africa. Hadrian was not exactly a lover of “foreign religions,” and actually banned some Jewish practices, such as circumcision. The seeds of rebellion were planted and attacks against the Romans increased. Hadrian deployed an additional Roman Legion, the Sixth Ferrata, and dispatched a new Governor of Judea, Tinneius Rufus, who was not exactly kind to the Jewish people. The final straw came circa 132 AD when the Romans sought to build their own city in Jerusalem, named Aeolia Capitolina. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The Bar Kokhba revolt began in 132 AD and lasted until 135 AD, and of course was severely crushed by the Romans. Hadrian had enough and sought to exterminate Judaism, as he felt this was the root cause of this revolt. His decrees were to eradicate Jews and Judaism from the land. He ordered a … Continue Here




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