Who is minding President Trump’s store?

As a very successful business executive, President Trump is very aware that having the right people in the right positions is a key to a successful business operation. That is why it is strange that the president has let so many positions that he could fill go wanting for a MAGA supporter of his agenda. By default, the shadow government of Barack Obama is running things in the absence of Trump people. Here are some examples of why the President should act.

As Written By H. Sterling Burnett for Townhall:

I am not the first to observe that compared to his predecessors, President Donald Trump has not yet appointed many people he thinks are qualified and who support his “America First” agenda to staff the hundreds of positions at various federal agencies and bureaucracies he is in charge of. Trump has indicated he believes many of the positions are unnecessary or redundant, and thus don’t need filling. He is undoubtedly correct.

However, although many positions in the federal government are likely unnecessary, by choosing not to appoint replacements, those positions continue to be filled by people picked by former President Barack Obama, who chose many of them for their commitment to carrying out his policy goals and initiatives. In many instances, Trump’s goals and initiatives are diametrically opposed to the goals and policies Obama sought to achieve. Therefore, it behooves Trump to replace these people with his own appointees as soon as possible.

As leader of a large corporation, Trump should know the importance of having the right people serving in key management positions underneath him to carry out day-to-day operations. While running his very successful business, he had corporate vice presidents to manage his various ……


Trump Needs His Own People Running Federal Bureaucracies – H. Sterling Burnett

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